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Studio Singers, along with Westwinds Choir from Calgary, had the absolute pleasure of singing with Laura Smith

We’re a diverse and cheerful group led by the fabulous Dawn Harwood-Jones. We’ve had talented accompanists like the late Barb Tuck, and Barbara Butler, who served from 2022 to 2023. Currently, we’re lucky to have the amazing Hannah Parks playing alongside us. Our arranger extraordinaire, Peter Robson, adds a unique flare to our performances. Together, we’ve sung a wide variety of songs, from classics like “Danny Boy” to hits like “Africa.”

This lively group of melody makers, once known as the Shower Stall Singers and the OK Chorale, have been sharing our love for song for so long that our start-date is a bit of a musical mystery. We’ve serenaded David Suzuki (among others), provided backup beats for Jim Henman, Laura Smith and Patricia Watson (among others), and graced stages from Shoreham Village to the Fo’c’sle Tavern in Chester, Nova Scotia.

You might have caught us belting out tunes in churches, Legions, the Oak Island Inn, the Halifax Jazz Festival, and even the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium. We’ve teamed up with various choirs and the Chester Brass Band, and we even made our studio debut as “real” studio singers on Patricia Watson’s award-winning CD, Feeling Good.

A highlight for us is Sing Choirs, an annual celebration that combines many local choirs and has grown into a cherished holiday tradition for many. We pour our hearts into creating a musical showcase guaranteed to fill your spirit with festive joy. This is an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss that takes place on the third Wednesday of December (weather permitting).

Interested in joining a small community choir who laughs almost as much as they sing? Are you a team player who prefers to blend your voice with others? We welcome you to fill out an application. Like all choirs, we have a waiting list for Sopranos and Altos but snag any Bass, Baritone, or Tenor who happens to walk by (it’s why we always keep butterfly nets handy). Think you can’t sing? Talk to Dawn!

Studio Singers Shenanigans And More…

Studio Singers performing "One Cold Night" during the Sing Choirs! event - December 2023
Performing “One Cold Night” for our annual Sing Choirs! event – December 2023

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